Count Zero Records Business Portal Terms and Conditions

Count Zero Records is a registered trademark. Count Zero Records Inc. is a registered company of Delaware / USA. Count Zero Records is a division of Monte Alto Venture d.o.o. of Zagreb / Croatia. Moodee Cactus Records, Saint Jerome Music and Tumble Honey Records are brands of Count Zero Records Inc. MP4W Records LLC. is a partially owned subsidiary of Count Zero Records Inc. Count Zero Media is a BMI registered Music Publisher owned by Count Zero Records Inc. All of these entities are colloquially sub-surmised as “The Count Zero Records Group”.

All Services rendered by the Count Zero Records group are governed by the laws of the country that the contracting unit is registered in.

The Count Zero Records Group seeks compliance with the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 06 April 2016.) for all of its transactions. We will not tolerate any violation of our clients rights to data privacy and will decline any service or contract with any noncompliant entity, be it supplier, customer or organisation for the protection of our clients.

“Business Portal” shall mean the Count Zero Records Busines Portal service as accessed at

“Artist” shall mean any person whose performances are embodied in the Recordings.

“Clip/Clips” shall mean an E-Music File which is an edited version of another E-Music File and which is not longer than 30 seconds and which is used as sales promotion for the Recordings. Said 30 second clips may be created by using any consecutive 30 seconds of the applicable E-Music File.

“Composition/Compositions” shall mean the musical works, with or without lyrics, which has been subject to recording when recording the Recordings.

“Cover Artwork” shall mean artwork as illustration or photograph.

“E-Music File/E-Music Files” shall mean a digital copy of an audio (only) recording of a performance of a musical work by you or the Artist, with or without lyrics, which has been converted, coded and compressed to a digital format supported by Count Zero Records Group.

“End User/End Users” shall mean a person who/which purchases an E-Music File from any of the Count Zero Records Group Retail Partners or visits the Count Zero Records Group Website or Retailers Websites for this purpose.

“Metadata” shall mean the information embedded in an E-Music File that is used to identify the content. Examples of the types of information includes, but is not limited to, song title, band or artist’s name, type of music, label and year the song was released.

“Recording/Recordings” shall mean any and all audio recordings that you submit to Count Zero Records Group by uploading on any Count Zero Records Group Website.

“Retailers Websites” shall mean any website on which E-Music Files embodying the Recordings are sold by Count Zero Records Group Retail Partners pursuant to a sublicensing agreement with Count Zero Records Group.

“Territory” shall mean the world, or per Recording specified territory if applicable.

“Website” shall mean the website ( or any other sub-domains.

If any contractual partner of the Count Zero Records group or its individual entities is found to be in violation of any part of the contractual agreement they have with any entity of the group, the Count Zero Records group’s entity is no longer obligated to render any of the services detailed in the respective contract and is entitled to hold any monetary transactions and use whatever funds have accrued on its accounts to compensate for unpaid bills or damages caused by the contractual partner.

We are not responsible or liable for failures in providing any of our services, if they are caused by an event outside our control (“Force majeure”). Force Majeure means an event beyond our control which prevents us from complying with any of our obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to: Fires, earthquakes, tidal waves, floods, war, hostilities, invasion, embargo, revolution, civil war, riot, strikes, lock outs, acts or threats of terrorism, commotion, failures of public or private telecommunication networks, third party force majeure and an epidemic.

You may not use our site for any unlawful purpose or for the following reasons: In any way that is or have the purpose to be unlawful or fraudulent; For the purpose to harm or attempt to harm minors in any way.

You may not in any way to our Website upload Recordings or Material which may: Contain obscene, offensive, hateful or inflammatory material; Promote sexually explicit or violent material; Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or sexual orientation; Promote, advocate or assist in any illegal activity; Threaten, harass, upset, embarrass, alarm any other person or invade in their privacy; Impersonate any person.

The Count Zero Records Group reserves the right to determine the nature of the Recordings or Materials and if this has breached the above in any way. If we find that a breach has been made, we take such and any action we deem as appropriate.

We may take actions like, but not limited to, immediately, temporary or permanently remove your account and any Recordings or Materials uploaded by you to our site. We fully exclude any liability from breaches of this Agreement which you may have made.

We reserve the right to amend, discontinue or terminate the Website and services and this Agreement, at any time without notice. If we do, we will refund you what you have paid in proportion to what services has been performed.

We will not be held responsible for any delay or failure in providing you the services or any kind of loss that were not caused by a breach on our part in accordance with this Agreement, if this is because of actions beyond our reasonable control.

We assume no liability for indirect or consequential damages, loss of data or other inconveniences caused in any way by the use of the Retail Service, the Website or the sale and exploitation of the Recordings, by any temporary or permanent errors in the Services, unless caused by intent or gross negligence of the group. The obligation of the Count Zero Records Group to pay damages, in the absence of intent or gross negligence by the Count Zero Records Group, shall be limited to 1 000 USD.

The Count Zero Records Group may assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, to any third party without your prior written consent. You are not entitled to assign any of your rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, without the approval of the Count Zero Records Group.

The Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of Croatia. Disputes arising out of, or in connection with this Agreement, shall be settled by the court of Zagreb as first instance.

You agree to indentify us against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses that may have occurred as a result of you breaching anything under this Agreement or against any third party.

If any part of this Agreement or application of it shall be declared or deemed void, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part for any reason, it shall be deleted and the remaining provisions, if any, shall continue in full force and effect.

The Terms and Conditions are effective from the time you order services from us. By visiting and using our Website and services you agree, and assure that you are of age to agree, to be bound by our terms and conditions. Any changes to the terms and conditions are effective from the time it is revised and posted. If necessary, we will notify you of these changes via email.

Any contracting partner of the Count Zero Records Group also accepts the terms and conditions of the Count Zero Records Group that can be found at

in their current version. These terms and conditions supersede any contractual agreement made between any party and any entity of the Count Zero Records Group. If the terms and conditions are changed, the company has to inform any contracting partner of this change per email. If the partner does not disagree with the changes in writing to the companies address, partner accepts the terms in their current version.