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Count Zero Records® Intern Application

Welcome and Congratulations!

We would like to welcome you to the intern application program, and are very happy you have considered joining our team! If you have not already done so, please join our Discord at , since we will have all video interviews there.
But first, let us introduce ourselves.Count Zero Records® is an artist-run independent international full-service record label. Every one of us is an artist. One day we decided to start our own label. This is our story. Founded in 2018, through hard work and dedication we became one of the larger indie labels and the second-largest Croatian label but have also grown to have facilities in the USA, UK, Austria and Croatia.Today we have 5 labels worldwide with over 50 artists, 30 chart placements and 300 songs we represent.

Count Zero Records is a 100% ethical company that holds its staff, managers, artists, and everyone involved to a strict policy of transparency and fairness. We dedicate our time and effort to music and we give artists we believe in a chance they would otherwise not have had. We are beholden to no one, we are financed by no investors. We are in nobody's pocket.

We operate 7 labels (Count Zero Records Croatia, Count Zero Records USA, Count Zero Records UK, MP4W Records, Saint Jerome Music, Tumble Honey Records, and Moodee Cactus Records) in 4 countries (Austria, Croatia, UK and USA)

Every year we receive 30.000 demo songs, and we review over 6.000 of them.

With over 300 distribution partners, 300+ licensed songs, 50+ artists and 30+ chart placements, Count Zero Records is already among the largest independent labels in the home markets. As a worldwide record label, we work internationally (With the biggest market being the USA), but pride ourselves on offering distribution and marketing for the Asian and African growth regions as well.

Our Studio, Studio Zero is a modern Digital / Analog Studio in which our Chart Hits were created. Working with internationally successful Songwriters, Producers, and Musicians, we are more than just a Studio.

Count Zero Records Media represents our works internationally. As a Publisher, we monetize works for TV- Film- and Music Productions and give our artists access to Sync licensing, Cover, Remix, and sub-licensing.

The first step is to let us know who you are, so let's get right to it.

This process will take about 15 minutes of your time.

We recommend you follow all steps and use a PC or Mac as some steps can be difficult on a phone or tablet.

Please supply your full legal name as on your current photo ID, or we are legally disallowed to work with you.
Your phone number with +XX country codes so we can contact you.
(enter NONE if you are not an artist)